Jul 31, 2006

Butter Murukku

My entries for Santhi’s JFI-Flour andRevathi’s FMR-Comfort Foods

Plain rice flour-3cups
Roasted gram flour-1/2cup
(pottu kadalae/Puttanalu pappu grinded into fine powder)
Fresh white butter-11/2tbsp
Oil for deep-frying
Method: 1) Mix rice flour, roasted gram flour together & sieve.
2) Mix salt butter to the flour & mix well.
3) Divide the flour into 2or 3 parts equally.
4) Sprinkle water to one part & prepare thick dough.
5) Using a single star disc in a greased murukku maker squeeze murukkus directly in hot oil.
6) Fry till golden in color & crisp. Remove from oil, drain excess oil.
Store in air-tight container.

Note: Murukkus retain its color only when it is mixed with water just before frying. If all the dough is mixed at a time, Murukkus of later portions of dough will become red when it is fried.


Revathi said...

Butter muruku. Looks like melt in your mouth goody..

Thanks for participating in FMR and Welcome to the world of food blog.. See you in the round up


santhi said...

it looks mmm mmm good Radhi.
Thankyou so very much for participating in JFI...

Looking forward for many more recipes from you..

archana said...

Welcome abaord, have fun blogging !!! Looking forward to read more of your posts.

Tanuja said...

Hi Radhi,

Ur muruku looks great, u said u used roasted dhaal is it the roasted channa dhaal which we get in indian stores.

Radhika said...

Hey Tanuja
yes i've used the roasted dhal the one we use for chutney(putnalu pappu)

Anna said...

hi radhika. these look so interesting. i have never seen anything like it before. could you explain how you eat it and what you should eat it with?

Radhika said...

HI Anna
They r just a crispy snack which can be eaten just as it is.

Anna said...

Dear Radhika,

Every week I post a link to seven recipes that I've found on other blogs that I think are interesting or unique. I call it Recipe Carousel because the idea is to spread good recipes around and around and around . . .

This week's theme is "crispy snacks" and I have included a photo of and link to your recipe for butter murukku

I hope this is OK with you, but if it's a problem please let me know.

All the best,

Prathibha E said...

HI Archana,

I got confused with your reply for Radhi, you said its putnala pappu, and you mentioned in the ingredients list its roasted gram flour. Now my question Is it roasted gram flour(Shenaga pindi roasted on the stove)? or putnalapappu roasted and grinded?
please clarify my doubt, i wanted to try this recipe for Diwali


Radhika said...

hi! Prathibha
i've used puttnalu pappu powder ie.,just grinding puttanalu pappu into fine powder & then measuring it.u don't have to roast it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Radhika,
What a wonderful name....I am here for the first time. Found your blog through another blog. You have a nice one....I really liked your recipe for butter murukku. Have never made it before but will make it now. Thanks a lot for sharing.

cmccbe1980@gmail.com said...

Dear Radhika,
Mouth watering crispy recipe. i tried came out well. keep it up. can you include my food blog in suleka .com in your food blog.
regards, thethu.

Dazy said...

I am looking for some more murukku varieties. These murukkus, I am just craving to have. I would have the whole at the early evening with tea, would you mind!