Feb 4, 2008

JFI~Onions Round Up

Bise Bele Huli Anna with Pearl Onions from Asvadha
Caramelized Onions and Spicy Jack Curd Pizzette from Taste Tinkerer
Caramelized Onion Dip from The Budding Cook
Chemmen Peera from Spices N Flavours
Chinese Fried Rice with Cauliflower Manchurian from Cooking 4 all seasons
Coconut with Onion from Talimpu
Colcannon - An Irish Delicacy from As Dear As Salt
Curried Egg Puffs from Cookery Corner
Egg-Onion Curry from Dil Se
Eggs Poached in Onion Gravy from Indian Cooking
Fish Gravy - Kerala Style from Rina's Recipes
Garma Garam Onion Pakora from My Kitchen World
Ground and Spiced Onion Preserve from Spicy Chilly
Hare Pyaaz Wala Murg from In Love with Food
Kaara Kuzhambu from Paajaka
Lauki Kofta in Almond and Creamy Gravy Fun N Food
Madras Onion (shallot) Pickle from My Diverse Kitchen
Madras Onion Chutney from Home Cooks Receipes
Masala Vadai from Sukanya's Musings
Microwave Samba Rava Idli & Onion Chutney from My Experiments with Food.
Murg do Pyaaz from Radhis Kitchen
Mumra Wale Kanda Pohe from Annarasa
Mushroom stir fry with pearl onions from Kitchen Kollections
Onion and Carrot Uttappam from Simple Indian Food
Onion Chutney from Cilantro
Onion Chutney from K4khichdi
Onion Curry from Finger Licking Food

Onion Masala Gravy from Dhivya’s Kitchen
Onion Stir-Fry Paratha from Food with a Pinch of Love
Onion Sambar from GRevathi
Onion Sambhar from Hunger Pangs
Onion Uthappam from Cooking and Me
Onion (Ulli) Chutney from Curry Bazaar
Onion-Broccoli-Feta cheese Calzone from Foodieshope
Onion-Cheese Kulcha from One Hot Stove
Pan Fried Fish with Roasted Onion marinade from Ahaar
Pearl Onions in Dahi Gravy from 365days Veg
Perugu Pacchadi from Mahanandi
Piyava Baje (Onion Fritters) from The Singing Chef
Potatoes and Peas in Sweet and Spicy Tomato Gravy from Curry in Kadai.
Rainy day Pyaaz ki Sabji from Charche Chauke Ke
Roasted Onion Chutney from Siri's Corner
Soy Granules Curry with Chopped onions from Daily Meals
Spiced Lamb Sliders with Caramelized Onions from Live to Eat
Spring Onion Koshumbri from Konkan World
Stuffed Portobello with Wild Rice and Cheese from Culinary Bazaar
Turkey Wings Curry - Kerala Style from Rina's Recipes
Ulli Theeyal from My Cook Book
"And on the side..." from Kags99
Ulli Theeyal from Satvika Food
Ulliyum Molakkum -Kerala onion chutney from Kailas kitchen
Vegan Leek-Mushroom Quiche from Tasty palettes
Vengayam Thuvaiyal (onion chutney) from Samaithu Paarkalaam
Rajasthani Parathas from Food and Laughter

Onion Rava Dosa from Snack O Rama

Scallion Zunka from Food for Thought

Onion Utthappam from Ramya’s Kitchen Corner

Kanda Daalicha Zunka from Enjoy Indian Food

Thankyou everybody & please do let me know if i've missed ur entry.


Rathna said...

Hi Radhika,

Lovely roundup and slideshow looks great! Good work !!!
All the entries looks fabulous. Got to try them all :)

Ashwini said...

Hi Radhika lovely round up. I think you might have missed my entry. Here it is - http://food-forthought.blogspot.com/2008/01/scallion-zunka-for-jfi.html

I will send it to you via email as well. Thanks

vimmi said...

Hi Radhika,

Beautifully presented round up. U have put in a lot of effort for it. Dishes look amazing

Mandira said...

Great roundup and slideshow Radhi. Thank you for all your heard work and effort!

Richa said...

lovely round up!
thanks for hosting!

Mansi said...

that looks great Radhika! thanks for hosting this:)

Sig said...

Thank you for hosting Radhika!

Anonymous said...

Radhika, My name is Hima and I remember I sent you my entry. Name is Onion Rava dosa and my blog name is SnackORama. If you have not received then thats fine.

Anonymous said...

oh! btw, here is the link to the entry.


TBC said...

Thanks for hosting, Radhika!

Siri said...

Lovely Rounup Radhika.. Nice slide show!


Laavanya said...

Hi Radhi, thanks for a lovely round-up.

jayasree said...

Radhika, lovely roundup and beautiful slideshow.

Dhivya said...

Thanks a lot radhika..for the lovely round up..

Srivalli said...

Lovely round up!

EC said...

thanks for the super roundup

Meera said...

Wonderful roundup. I think you may have misssed my entry.
Here it is -


I have sent you an email too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Radhika,

Thats a really nice round up and slideshow! ....

Thanks for hosting and the round-up :) ...

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Hello Radhika

Really wonderful round up. Good idea of slide show.

Anonymous said...

Hi Radhika

Great job in creating such a unique presentation! Congratulations!


Cilantro said...

Hi Radhika,

Nice round up and slideshow! Thanks for hosting.


Kalai said...

Awesome slideshow, Radhika! Great round up. Thanks so much for hosting and I look forward to trying out many of these recipes!

Mythreyee said...

That's a wonderful roundup. Great onion recipes. Beautifully presented.

Nupur said...

Thank you for the delicious round-up, Radhika!

Rajitha said...

great round-up Radhika...thnks for hosting

Indira said...

Thank you Radhika for doing such fabulous job with Jihva onions event. I greatly appreciate your effort.

I think I've shed few tears looking at all these onions entrees.:) Ulli ghaatu kada.:)

Hyderabadiz said...

Thanks for your support. We have a new post on the comedy: Bakra. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hai friend,

Very good recipies, proffestional photographs, nice layout,whats else visitor needs, you have got it all,keep growing.

"Blog contributors wanted" - Absolut ASL


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